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Our Lending Partner

We have partnered with wide range of financial institutions to address loan needs of all income segment

Products That You Can Offer To Your Customer By Partnering With US

These product are readily available in our portal & We are committed to adding more

Personal Loan

Personal loan is a type of unsecured loan, which is approved on the basis of specific criteria of the applicant's income profile.

Home Loan

Home loan facility can be used to buy a house/ flat/resale/ready to shift/under construction property.

Business Loan

Business loan Is a type of unsecured loan that any business entity can avail on specific criteria.

Loan Against property

You property can be used to avail loan that can power your personal or business needs.

Used Vehicle Loan

If you own a car/commercial vehicle, this type of loans can be availed against it. Also, this loan can facilitate purchase of used car/second hand car.


MSME stands for micro, small and medium enterprises. MSME Loan can be availed as both Secured and Unsecured Loan.

Credit Card

A credit card allows cardholders to borrow funds with which to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment.

Potential Earnings

Get to know your approximate earnings based on number of lead submission

Estimated Income Calculator

Change the number of leads to calculate earnings.

Type of Loan Product

Number of Qualified* Leads Added Per Month

Income Range/Month** (₹)

Unsecured Loan

(Refers to type of loans acquired without any security/collateral- Personal Loan, Business Loan etc.,) Usually Small Ticket Loans


** This income is calculated by considering avg. loan ticket size as 1 Lack Rupees & Partner Commission as 0.50% - 1.25%, depending on the bank.

Secured Loan

(Refers to type of loans acquired by giving security/collateral- Home Loan, Loan Against Property etc.,) Usually Large Ticket Loans


** This income is calculated by considering avg. loan ticket size as 20 Lack Rupees & Partner Commission as 0.15% - 0.50%, depending on the bank.

* Qualified means leads that are eligible for loan

Your potential Monthly Earnings may range from:

20,000 to ₹62,500

Our Unique Way Of Processing

A process that make our partner's work much easier

To Be Done By Partner

Step 1 – Lead Creation

Step 2 – Viability Check

Step 3 – Document Upload

Taken Care By Loanworx Team

Step 4 – Customer Interview & Verification

Step 5 – Bank Submission & Followup untill Disbursement

Why Choose Us?

Here are some pointers to ensure that you are making a wise choice

Easy On-boarding

Easy integration options - Web portal access &
API integrations.

Zero Investment

No upfront cost/subscription fee involved.Start earning on every successful loan lead submission & on disbursement.


Complete End to End Encryption

Best Incentives

We share up to 60% of our disbursement share with our partners.

Instant Loan Viability

Our intelligent loan platform can check for bank availability, generate credit report,perform bank statement analysis prior to submission.

Assured Income Source

Wide range of loan products to cater to loan requirements of all segment of people. Thus, you don't miss out any customer.

Pan India Coverage

Country wide presence, refer customers from any part of the country.

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